STANDARD SIZED ZINES (8.5″X11″ Folded in half)  Formatted for double sided pages. Print, fold, staple!

Blood Orange Infoshop – This is a brief introduction of the all volunteer collective space that focuses on art, music, and education.


SINGLE PAGE MINI ZINES (8.5″x11″ Single sided)

Staple-less zines in PDF form. You may find instructions here and here for folding instructions.

Nonchalantism – A young kid’s experience, stuck in a hotel room. Story by Angry Sleeper, compiled with Ellie R. U. Hokay.

I’m at a Marxist Convention at a University in Seoul… – Story by the Unknown Traveler, compiled with Open Ears.

El Skate Uruguayo Me Dio Todo – Skate photos from Naz’s collection. Various photographers. Compiled by Chino Loco.

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