Our catalogue.

Living in Indi, CA (DF 035) by Victors (online)

(DF 026-34)* uncatalogued, missing

Double Fur Burger (DF 025) out of print

Inside Over 2014 (DF 024) multiple contributors

Bake In The Sun (DF 023)  by deladeso and Elliot F, limited to 30, out of print

Videogamezine (DF 022) by Victor C, with Sloh

Pa’ Palenque (DF 021) by Valdo Vale, with Lio Ng

Junkyard (DF 020) by Elliot F

Inside Over: A Collection of Written and Visual Art (DF 019) multiple contributors

Coconut Juice (DF 018) by Elliot, with Alicia

Comedy 4 Less Traffic School (DF 017) by Victor C

Eat Shit and Live (DF 016) by Victor C, Elliot F, Mark Tan, and Chi Wang

I’m at a Marxist Convention at a University in Seoul (DF 015) 7+ printings, out of print.

El Skate Uruguayo Me Dio Todo (DF 014) 7+ printings, out of print.

Cousin Power II (DF 013) Cousin Power! out of print.

Nonchalantism (DF 012) 12+ printings, out of print.

No Room for the Big Boys (DF 011) by Victor C, and multiple people

Mouth Full of Molars (DF 010) by Elliot F, with Victor C

I Am All I Think About (DF 009)

Michael may look mighty awesome or he may look downright awful. See at what his friends think of him through drawings. (1st press- 20)

4.5″x5.5″, 14 pgs, out of print.

Cousin Power (DF 008)

Drawings by Erica and Elliot! “Halvsies” or “shred” drawings! (1st press- 20)

4.5″x5.5″, 8 pgs, out of print.

Drunk (DF 007)

By Victor

A short story mini zine about vomiting and piss stained shorts.

4.5″x 2.75″, 6 pgs, out of print.

Sorry Officer, Please Don’t Tell My Mom! (DF 006)

Stuff by Mark, Stephen, Victor and Elliot, this zine takes real life quotes and puts them into context! One of our most popular zines.

(1st press- 40; 2nd press- 30; 3rd press- 50; now into our 8th pressing)

4.5″x5.5″, 46 pgs

Sandwiches” (DF 005)

By Elliot

Our first mini zine! Cut and paste collages and a poem at the end. Made at Saturation Fest ’08.

4.5″x 2.75″, 6 pgs, out of print.

Double Fur Double Feature (DF 004)

By Elliot and Victor

Two zines, one release! Victor’s short story zine tells us about his crazy times when he worked at a chain camera store, while Elliot’s poem zine features selected works and his experience on the road.  Put the two covers together for a big picture! (1st press- 100)

4.5″x5.5″, 32 pgs & 26 pgs, out of print.


你條粉腸: Selected Poems, August to September 2007 (DF 003)

By Elliot

Stream of consciousness-type poems written while in Hong Kong. Reading it from cover to cover exposes Elliot’s psyche and frame of mind during this trip.(1st press- 200; 2nd press 100)

4.5″x5.5″, 35 pgs

Animal Fruits (DF 002)

Contributing drawings from several artists, including Victor C, Elliot F, David P, Carlos Mangoo, Diana, and a poem by Luis Valesquez. This is one of our more popular zines. People have described our pictures as funny, strange, and disturbing. (1st press- 30?; 2nd press- 30)(3rd pressing- 100)

4.5″x5.5″, 24 pgs

EuroTrip 2006 (DF 001)

By Victor and Elliot

Two dudes from Covina, CA backpacked through the bigger cities of western European countires, including Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Paris, Zürich, and München. They lived off of falafel for 3 weeks and spent most of their money on beer. Victor stepped in human poop and Elliot caught a lung cough that pills couldn’t cure. (1st press- 75?; 2nd press- 100?; 3rd press 75?)(4th press- 50)

5.5″x8.5″, 48 pgs, out of print.

These are some zines.

No Room for the Big Boys, Fall 2009, Victor Castellanos


Sorry Officer, Please Don’t Tell My Mom! Edited by Elliot and Victor


Hong Kong Poems, Elliot Fong


Eurotrip 2006, Victor and Elliot