Some loot from LAZF

V. Vale interviewed by Henry Rollins at The Last Bookstore. Photo: Elliot

It’s fun to share what titles we got, like digging through our treasures. It’s not bragging, it’s communicating what/who’s art and writing we enjoy. This is Elliot typing, and this is what I picked up.

RE/Search Publications – Search and Destroy #7-11 — Huge book, rad stuff! A collection of classic Search and Destroy issues. I’m not gonna lie, Vale is one of the most respectable people I know.

Lucky Nakazawa – Drunken Master #12 — When I ran into Kiyoshi, my friend Sloh was talking with him and MMA champ Josh Barnett. Badass!

Illicit Arts – “QUEViEN[T]” – A sick new zine with some great poems and art, featuring a collage from DF. Fuck yeah!

Jan Diolola – A really funny comic about a dude and his sister buying him beer, with a silk screened cover! From No Girls Allowed Comics.

The Doktor Is In – “Del Amo Vacation” and “Completely Out of It” — A couple zines from Sylvia! We met last year at Riverside DIY Print Fest, where we traded some stuff. She has some amazing stories.

“Folded Faces ft. Neverever, issue #5”  – Our tablemate, Celina has several full color zines. Hell yeah full color! And some amazing art. Victor has another one of her zines, where there’s her drawing of Ken and Ryu making out. So cool.

Susan Minus – “God’s Plan” —  New age, Christian mysticism, Buddhism, and aliens!

Michael C Hsiung – “Booze, Dudes and Bears” — A zine full of amazing drawings of booze, dudes, and bears! And bongs haha.

Alex Chiu – “Rubber Duckie, A Fun Zine” — A full color book of psyched out art. I can zone out into it cuz it’s hypnotizing.

THREE06 – 1 — A group of artists who shared studio 306. Great stuff!

I think that’s about it. Trading rules so much!

Much respect to the organizers of this year’s LAZF. I mostly see these people maybe once a year or every other year. This serves as a type of hub or nexus between many artists, writers, and publishers. Good shit.

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