Loot from RDIYPF’12


This is some stuff that I picked up from Riverside DIY Print Fest. As mentioned in a previous post, it’s fun to share what titles we got, like digging through our pile of stuff at the end of the day. It’s communicating what/who’s art and writing we enjoy. This is Elliot typing, and this is what I picked up.

Queer Youth Visibility Project – They distro’d several titles. I have “Polycats #1,” dismantle binaries meow! I can’t find the other titles, in the box somewhere.

Angela Choas – Bitch King #5 “Poly Post-Queer (A)” – Newest issue of Bitch King! “Exploring the connections between post-anarchist, polyamorous queer theory and practice.”

No Girls Allowed Records – A rollerskating alligator screen print by Jan! Also, a nice collage zine by Bijan Berahimi.

Powers of Jen – She had donuts for her new zine, “Donut Adventures!” Also “Some Cats” from Modesto and Turlock, CA. And I learned how make a “Korean Smoothie.”

Jen VenegasShe’s Not A Morning Person #8 and #9. Cool zines, powerful content.

HowdieDoodieCutie – “Funky Trees” mini zine. All these weird trees.

Donna Letterese – “Dyathinkshesaurus?” – Ink work of Donna Letterese. And I got it personalized!

“Montage Astrale” – A new mini zine by Carissa, in full color!

OMGcow – “Writerman” is a cool mini zine about writing, and “Hourly Comics” is a part of Shieka’s series of diary comics.

Budget Press – Two poem zines, “Insta-matic” by Hunter Manasco and “Dry Heat” by Jennifer Stoever. Johnnie B Baker, publisher of BP, was recently featured in an interview by Vice.

No Braino – Cool prints! Rad crafts!

Jenée Jernigan – “Survival of the Fittest” print with a cockroach on it, limited to 25.

David Arshawsky– Illustrator of the novel Executive Severance, a mystery composed on Twitter. Really neat concept!

Check out Brodie’s interview with Angela Chaos at The Shakeytown Radio Hour!


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  1. For more about Executive Severance, illustrated by David Arshawsky, check out following sites:

    ES Amazon page: http://amzn.to/zkkuFU

    ES Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ExecutiveSeverance

    “Whale Fire” The ES companion blog: http://www.executiveseverance.blogspot.com/

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