IE Zine Fest

(Photo: Estevan Fierro)

This past Saturday was IE Zine Fest, and here were a variety of tables, all very different from each other. Anything from comics and photocopied zines to screen print posters and intricate model head pieces. I wasn’t able to go to every single table because we got there a bit late, but here’s some stuff we picked up.

David of Turtlemilk Studios had a couple of cool new zines. Petal Eater features some of his artwork and poems, and Animals is a sketchbook zine with a bunch of animal pictures, like a buff boxing goat and a dog riding a motorcycle with one wheel. David always has new material every time we run into each other, which is really cool.

Dark Mouse creator Nathaniel ( had several zines, including the new zombie skate zine Skatepocalypse. He has some really interesting art pieces at the Blood Orange Infoshop gallery for the month of November. “Some Cool Dudes” seem to be a favorite.

The November 2012, The Secret Handshake, End of the World Edition featured some short stories and doodles, including a mad lib story and a “finish the picture” page. Always cool to see zines like these.

Perpetually Twelve is a thick hefty San Diego-based zine compiled by McHank, which included a lot of well named artists, color pages, and a wide collection of drawings and writings. This is a very well put together zine, and it’s not easy getting submissions from over 20 artists in each issue.

It’s always a pleasure to see LA Record at publishing events, seeing their evolution of poster-sized zines to large-size newsprint magazines.

And last but not least, Zineworks is always holding it down with a zine library and distro! Picked up a badass “A DIY Manifesto” poster.

That’s about it for now. Looking forward to LA Zine Fest, Riverside Print Fest, and other rad events in the next few months.


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