Double Fur Burger (DF 025)

The Double Fur Burger was originally featured in a post on We just wanted to repost this wonderful burger zine.


How does your work connect with day to day living?
Making sandwiches is like making zines. Making a zine requires a person (or group) to layer the pages in a particular order. Making a sandwich is the same way. In this particular sandwich, we used a variety of pages. In this case, we wanted our zine to be big. This included a lot of time and effort into concocting what would be the most appropriate of contents. Since the group of us functioned as our own audience, we wanted this piece of art to include pages that fit our palate. Our gathered artists decided on a mixed media zine, including sourdough bread, tina’s burritos, mashed potatoes, burger patties, waffles, macaroni and cheese, chicken patties, hot links, bell peppers, lettuce, hash browns, pickles, hamburger buns, jalapenos, pizza, spaghetti, grilled onions, tomatoes, and avocados. The artists specifically designed each ingredient with a variety of techniques, including barbecue, baking, sauteing, toasting, and nothing. We delicately placed each page on top of each other in perfect balance of process art, creating not only an edible pleasure, but a visual one too. Our audience of artists started off with six people, but the zine perfectly accommodated eight people upon construction, consummation, and ingestation. Richard, Oscar, David, Mark, Victor, and Elliot crafted this amazing sandwich. Double Fur Press presents its first ever sandwich zine, The Double Fur Burger (first printing, out of print).
Here is Mark taking the first bite.





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  1. Wow that looks amazing haha!

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